How to earn while traveling

For most youngsters, their dream is to visit all the amazing places on earth following the fantasies created by movies, travel magazines and blogs. When you are young and got no commitments like family or a permanent job, you can travel to any corner of the world. The problem is you don’t have enough money to finance your travel time and looking for a summer job in your hometown is your only choice, don’t let fear limit you. You can actually make traveling your job and make good money while on it and still have the time of your life. Here are a few ways to earn while traveling.

Travel writers

Many magazines, newspapers, and websites are looking for juicy stories for their websites. You can write about the places you visit or even write a book that you can sell online or in print as you travel. You can also sign in platforms like Upwork and fivver that offer a quite good pay for online writers.

Tour guide

 If you have the fluency of more than one language or are willing to learn new languages. You can use your vast knowledge of travel destinations to earn money by simply registering with a tour company and you can earn a decent $10-$40 per hour depending on your destination. My sister actually had a desk job working for Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company for the past couple of years. She finally took the leap and is making twice what she earned before, alongside getting to see the world!

Travel photographer

you can create your career from taking amazing pictures of nature, scenic beauty, animals and architectural designs. Blogs and magazines purchase pictures for printing to avoid copyright infringement therefore if you know your way around a camera you can opt for the job.

Yacht worker

for students who are on summer breaks and don’t have any commitments, a travel yacht job is for you. It is a good-paying job if you can stand being in the sea for long, it pays about $2000-$5000 per month. The advantage of this job is you get free accommodation and food, therefore, you might find yourself saving a lot.

Traveling nurse

if you are straight out of nursing school and don’t feel like joining the boring job market to soon, you can try travelling nurse. You can work in airplanes and cruise ships or a volunteer organization like Red cross. They pay handsomely for expertise jobs and you can earn about $50-$600 per hour depending on the country and level of expertise.

Digital jobs

 the digital era is bringing in a lot of jobs for those with the expertise, some don’t require any like viewing ads and app testing but if you have coding or web design skills you can earn decent pay while working at your convenience.

In conclusion, don’t let limited finances limit your travel experience you can add earning from part-time hustles to bring your dreams into reality.